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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

These Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and other notices published on this website constitute the fundamental conditions for your use of this website. We reserve the right to change these Terms of Use and other terms related to the use of this website at any time, and such revisions will be posted on this website. Your use of this website signifies your acceptance of these terms. If you have any objections to any conditions in the website notices, you may choose to immediately cease using this website. 

The information contained on this website is of a general nature and cannot replace professional advice from qualified legal, financial, or real estate professionals tailored to your individual circumstances. You should not take any action based on this information without obtaining the advice of the aforementioned professionals. 

The company and its related entities are responsible for maintaining this website. Its directors, senior officers, and agents do not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the information published. The company and its related entities, directors, senior officers, and agents assume no legal responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage you may incur based on any information contained or omitted from this website.


  • “User Submission” refers to the information, including data, text, videos, static images, audio, or other materials, that you are allowed to host, share, publish, post, store, or upload on this website. 
  • “Other User Submissions” refer to information hosted, shared, published, posted, stored, or uploaded on this website by individuals other than you. 
  • “Website” refers to any website operated by the company.

Website Usage Restrictions 

By accessing or using this website, you agree that you will not: 

  • Use any automated device, software, process, or method to access, retrieve, collect, or index this website or any content on this website.
  • Use any device, software, process, or method to interfere or attempt to interfere with the normal operation of this website.
  • Engage in any website usage behavior that this website considers unreasonable and inappropriate, creating an undue burden on network infrastructure, intentionally causing excessive traffic volume.
  • Use or index the content of this website to create or supplement a property search database or compete with this website.
  • Send spam, chain letters, contests, surveys, or other mass messages, whether commercial or not.
  • Use any content of this website in a manner deemed unreasonable or contrary to its original purpose by this website.
  • Infringe on the rights of others, including copyright, trade secrets, privacy, or any other intellectual property or proprietary rights.
  • Impersonate any person or entity in an attempt to solicit money, passwords, or personal information from others.
  • Violate any usage terms required by this website or other applicable laws.
  • Unauthorised use of the content on this website to reproduce, modify, adapt, distribute, translate, create derivative works, publicly display, sell, or trade. Except as expressly authorised by this website.
  • Transmit or attempt to transmit any computer viruses, disruptive programs, malwares, Trojan horses, or other destructive items.
We reserve the right to take any action we deem necessary to prevent any unauthorised use of this website. This includes, but is not limited to, implementing technical barriers or reporting your actions to any person or entity.
This text is subject to the copyright of this website. Except for the fair use rights protected by relevant legislation and not excluded, the company allows website visitors to download copyright information for private and non-commercial use. Any reproduction or use of copyright information not for the above purposes must be obtained in writing directly from the company or the relevant copyright owner. Once authorised, the material reproduced or quoted in whole or in part must be credited to the copyright holder as required.
Third-Party Links and Advertisements
This website often includes advertisements, hyperlinks, and references to websites operated by third parties. Links to third-party websites include, but are not limited to, links to websites of some real estate agency clients of the company. These third-party websites are not part of this website and are not under the control and responsibility of the company and its related entities. When you access these websites, you are deemed to have left this website, and you assume any risks. The company and its related entities do not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of any information on third-party websites. The company and its related entities, directors, senior officers, and agents are not responsible for any direct or indirect harm or loss you may incur due to relying on information carried or omitted from third-party websites. Advertisement display does not represent the endorsement or recommendation of the product by the company or its related entities.
Third-Party Content
This website contains content provided to the company by other individuals (“Third-Party Content”). The company does not monitor or inquire into Third-Party Content. The company is not responsible, endorsed, or declared for the Third-Party Content, whether express or implied. Third-Party Content does not represent the opinions of the company. You assume the risk of relying on Third-Party Content.
User Warranty
You declare and warrant that:
  • The information provided at registration is accurate.
  • You will inform the company in writing of any changes to the information.
  • You will comply with this agreement and any instructions issued by the company from time to time when using this website.
  • You ensure the confidentiality and security of the username and password used to access the website.
  • You are responsible for any unauthorised use of your username and password unless such use is due to the negligence of the company and disregard for the law.
  • You have the legal right, including all necessary licenses, rights, consents, and permissions to use and authorize the company to display your submissions.
  • Your submissions shall not: Infringe on any third party’s intellectual property rights. You agree to pay all royalties, fees, or other amounts owing for any use of your submissions; Be misleading or deceptive; Contain incorrect information; Be offensive or harassing; Directly or indirectly promote any products or services; Contain any obscene, pornographic, hateful, racially discriminatory, or offensive elements; Be defamatory; Contain illegal content or encourage illegal activities; Include other inappropriate behavior contrary to the purpose of this website.
You agree to indemnify the company, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies, and associated entities (and their personnel, agents, partners, and employees) from any loss, liability, damages, or other claims (including reasonable legal fees resulting from your violation of the conditions related to the use of the website and submissions).
Linking to this Website Policy
Whether on this website or elsewhere, hyperlinks provide easy access to more information or original materials to enhance the user experience. In this regard, we value the use of hyperlinks on this website. However, when using hyperlinks, we:
  • Attribute the original content of the hyperlink to a third-party source.
  • Do not claim rights to rights and content that belong to others.
  • When linking to the content of this website, we require you to follow similar practices. You must understand that if you do not comply with these practices, you may violate our rights or the rights of our licensors and other third parties.


  • Directly link to the content of this website. We encourage direct linking.
  • Comply with all copyrights, trademarks, or other applicable laws.
  • Use the original title of the content you are directly linking to.
Please do not:
  • Use the content of this website as a link for your personal website or others’ website content (e.g., placing your logo on the content of this website).
  • Indicate a link from this website but connect to other websites. Deliberately packaging the content of this website in an attempt to present it as your own or owned by others outside of the company and its licensors.
Limitation of Liability
Certain rights and remedies may not be excluded, limited, or modified under the law. Except for those rights that cannot be excluded, the company and its related entities exclude all conditions and warranties that may be implied by law. To the extent permitted by law, in relation to any liability for any breach of an implied warranty or condition for which liability cannot be excluded, the company may, at its option, supply the services again or pay the cost of having the services supplied again; or replace or repair goods or pay the cost of replacing or repairing the goods.
In no event shall the company be liable for any indirect, special, punitive, incidental, or consequential loss or damages, including loss of revenue, loss of profits, loss of goodwill, loss of customers, loss of capital, loss of downtime and its revenue loss, loss related to damage to reputation, loss related to other contract loss, loss of data and its use, loss of expected deposits and profits, or any loss or damages you may incur due to your use of this website and this agreement; notwithstanding any contrary provisions in this document, the total liability and compensation of this limited company and its related companies for any action taken by you, in any form, at any time, will be limited to AUD $600.
Your use of this website and its legal information is subject to local legal jurisdiction and interpretation. By using our internet website, you will irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts exercising jurisdiction under local law.
请仔细阅读本法律资讯 使用条款 本使用条款、私隐权政策以及其他刊于本网站的通告,构成您使用本网站之基本条件。我们保留随时更改本使用条款及其他就使用本网站的相关条款的权利,并将在本网站发佈有关修订。使用本网站意味您接受这些条款。如果您对本网站通告中的任何条件有所异义,您可选择立即停止使用本网站。 本网站所收录的资讯只属一般性质,并不能够取代任何因应您个人情况而由合资格之法律,金融或房地产人士所给予的专业意见。您不应在未取得上述人士的意见前以此资讯作为任何行动的根据。 本公司及其相关实体负责维持本网站。其董事,高级职员及代理人不保证其所刊载的资讯之準确性或可靠性。本公司及其相关实体,董事,高级职员及代理商对您依据任何於本网站所包含或省略之资讯而蒙受的直接或间接损失或伤害不负任何法律责任。 定义
  • 供稿意指本公司允许您主机,共享,发布,张贴,储存或上载任何包括数据,文本,视频,静态图像,音频或其他素材等资讯于本网站上。
  • 其他使用者供稿意指本公司允许您以外的其他人士主机,共享,发布,张贴,储存或上载任何包括数据,文本,视频,静态图像,音频或其他素材等资讯于本网站上。
  • 网站指任何由本公司经营之网站。
网站的使用限制 进入或使用本网站意味您同意将不会:
  • 使用任何自动化设备,软件,过程或方法获取,检索,搜集,或指标本网站或本网站上的任何内容;
  • 使用任何设备,软件,过程或方法干扰或企图干扰本网站的正常运作;
  • 采取任何本网站视为不合理以及不恰当的网站使用行为以构成对网络基建的负担,蓄意令网络转载量过度繁忙;
  • 使用或指标本网站内容,用作建立或括充物业搜索数据库或与本网站进行任何方式的竞争;
  • 发送垃圾邮件,连锁信,比赛,民意调查,或其他群发短讯,不论是否属商业性质;
  • 使用本网站之任何内容以致被本网站裁定为不合理或违背其本来之目的;
  • 侵犯他人权利,包括版权,商业秘密,隐私权,或任何其他知识产权或专有权利;
  • 冒充任何人或实体企图从他人身上招揽金钱,密码或个人资料;
  • 违反任何由本网站或其他可适用法律所要求遵从的使用条款;
  • 擅自利用本网站内容複製,修改,改编,发行,翻译,创立衍生作品以做公开展示,出售,交易。本网站明确授权除外;
  • 传输或尝试发送任何电脑病毒,破坏程式,故障,木马程式或其他具有破坏性的项目。
我们有权采取任何我们视之为有必要的行动以防止任何未经授权而使用本网站之行为。这包括但不限於 实行技术性阻碍,或向任何人或实体报告您的行为。 版权 本文以本网站的版权作主题。除了受相关例法所保护及不受排除的合理使用权利外,本公司允许网站访客下载版权资讯作私人和非商业用途。任何并非根据以上用途之複製或使用版权资讯,必须直接从本公司或有关版权拥有者取得书面授权。一旦授权,被全部或部分複製或引用之资料必须按要求给予版权持有人姓名和利益上的认可。 第三方连接和广告 本网站通常包括广告,超连接和指标到第三方运作的网站。连接第三方网站包括但不限於连接本公司部分地产代理客户之网站。该第三方网站并不构成本网站部分及不受本公司与其相关实体的管制及负责。当您建接到该网站代表您已离开本网站,您须自己承担任何风险。本公司及其相关实体不就任何第三方网站资讯之準确性或可靠性作出保證。本公司及其相关实体,董事,高级职员及代理商不就您因依靠第叁方的网站所载或遗漏的资讯而蒙受直接或间接的伤害或损失负责。广告展示并不代表本公司或其相关实体认可或推荐该产品。 第三方内容 本网站包含由其他人仕提供予本公司之内容(“第三方内容”)。本公司i并不会就第三方内容作监察或提出查询。本公司并不就第三方明示或暗示之有关内容负责,认可及作声明。第三方内容并不代表本公司之意见。您须就依赖第叁方内容自行承担风险。 用户保證 您声明和保證:
  • 您於登记时提供的资料是準确的;
  • 您将就任何资料更改以书面形式通知本公司;
  • 任何时候使用本网站您都将遵守本协议及本公司不定时於网站所发放的任何指示;
  • 您确保进入网站时所使用的用户名称及密码之保密和安全;
  • 您接受任何未经授权而盗用您的用户名称及密码的行为负责,除非该行为因本公司的疏忽及罔顾法律而导致;
  • 您拥有合法的权利,包括所有必要的许可證,权利,同意和许可使用及授权本公司以显示您的投稿;
  • 您的投稿不应;
  • 侵犯任何第叁方的知识产权,您同意支付所有就任何您使用之投稿的版税,费用或其他款项;
  • 有误导性或欺骗性;
  • 资料不正确;
  • 冒犯侵扰;
  • 直接或间接推销任何产品或服务;
  • 含有任何淫秽,色情,仇恨,种族歧视或冒犯性的元素;
  • 诽谤;
  • 包含不合法内容或鼓励不合法行为;或
  • 包含其他违背本网站意旨的不恰当行为。
赔偿 您同意保证本公司及其附属公司及联营公司(和人员,代理商,合作夥伴和僱员)免于遭受任何损失,责任,赔偿或其他要求(包括因您违反使用网站及投稿等有关条件而导致的合理性律师费)。 连接本网站政策 不论是於本网站或其他地方,超连接就提供简易存取更多的资讯或原始素材增值用户的经验。就此,我们重视於本网站的超连接之使用。但是,在使用超连接时,我们:
  • 将超连接的原有内容归于第三方来源。
  • 不对属于他人之权利及内容声称拥有权。
当连接本网站内容时,我们要求您遵守类似做法。您须了解若您不遵守有关做法,可能违反我们的权利,或我们的许可者及其他第三方之权利。 敬请:
  • 直接连本网站内容。我们鼓励直接连接。
  • 遵守所有版权,商标或其他适用法律。
  • 使用您所直接连接的内容原有的标题。
  • 将本网站的内容作为您个人网站或他人网站内容的连接(例如,将自己的徽标加诸于本网站内容)。
  • 表明来自本网站的连接,却连接到其他网站。刻意包装本网站内容企图作为您个人或除本公司及其许可者外他人所拥有的内容。
责任限制 某些权利和赔偿可能根据法律,不得允许被排除,限制或修改。除有关不能被排除的,本公司及其相关实体排除所有法律可能规定的条件和保證。在法律允许的範围内,就我们违约的任何隐含的保證或条件的责任而不能被排除的为限制的,自行选择,补给服务或支付补给服务之费用;或更换或维修货物或就更换或维修支付成本。 在任何情况下,本公司都不就任何间接,特殊,徵戒性,附带或惩罚性的损失或损害包括收入损失,利润损失,商誉损失,客户损失,资本损失,停工期损失及其收入损失,因信誉损毁之损失,有关其他合约之损失,数据及其使用之损失,预期存款及利益之损失或就您与本协议及网站使用所招致的损失为您承担责任; 儘管有任何与本文对立之处,本有限公司及其相关公司对您采取的任何行动,无论行动之形式,於任何时候将限制其责任及赔偿为澳币$600元。 管辖权 您使用本网站及其法律讯息受当地的法律管辖及诠释,使用我们的互联网网站,您将不能撤回地及无条件地根据当地的法律提交到专属权法院行使管辖权。
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